Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Marie Antoinette was a witch...

Every year, around this time, I design a collage sheet for Alpha Stamps with vintage portraits, photographs or paintings, altered into witches. This year I've designed two, one of which features a couple of images of my girl Marie A in witchy apparel.
And this one with an assortment of saucy wenches, err... um, witches.
 As soon as the first copies were hot off the laser printer... I started working on an arty little piece to show them off ;)
I bet you didn't know Marie Antoinette was a witch that floated around in an enchanted flying shoe flapping her little glitter encrusted bat wings for all she was worth.
Marie seemed a bit naked by herself, and I wanted to play with an image from my other collage sheet, so I threw together this triptych as a back ground for her.
The whole thing went together in a few hours and was super fun to work on. I really like the eyeball embellishment on the front of Marie's enchanted shoe...
and this saucy lass with her cauldron and owl...
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Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog. I hope you've been creating lots of wonderful Halloween art or enjoying the approach of Autumn in your own favorite way :)


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