Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Waterless Snowglobes...

I love the idea of snowglobes but I really don't care for the water and fake snowflakes they contain. Sooo, I used a DIY Snowglobe from Alpha Stamps to make my own version without the annoying water and fake flakes.
Then I made a little apothecary jar version using the Apothecary Jar with Lid also from Alpha Stamps. I think they look adorable together...
But they look really cute on their own as well!
For those of you interested in making your own waterless snowglobes I've assembled a few tips on turning a boring globe on a white plastic base into a fabulously festive globe on a pedestal...
 I used a black and white Grosgrain ribbon attached with hot glue to cover the white plastic base.
 Next, I attached a Wired Pine Needle Stem (with hot glue) to hide the space where the base and globe connect.
 After painting a Small Wooden Finial and a Candlestick Holder red, I hot glued them to my globe and base as shown.
 Next I cut apart a Berry Sprig and a few inches of Holly Berry Garland and hot glued the leaves and berries around the finial on the top of the globe.
 I glue the leaves on one by one so I get complete coverage in the areas where I want it. Awww, it looks so pretty!
 Using my remaining garland I hot glued it to my ribbon around the base. Which left an ugly messy area where the two ends meet.
 To hide this, I simply glued a holly leaf right over the top of the mess :)
 I thought my snowglobe was still just a bit too boring so...
I added JOY, peppermints and glitter to make it truly fabulously festive!
I hope I have inspired you to make a little something for yourself!
 If you'd like the supply lists for either or both projects they can be found here and here.
If you'd like to buy one of my pieces they are available in my shop :)

Saturday, November 11, 2017

more Christmas ornaments!

Leslie, the Queen Bee of Alpha Stamps, designed some adorable Tiny Diorama Boxes and I immediately felt the need to design a collage sheet! A BIG THANKS goes to Kristin Batsel who was kind enough to photograph her vintage ornament boxes for me :)
After getting my hands on a hard copy of said collage sheet, I proceeded to craft my heart out and produced two little ornament box ornaments...
they are decorated both front and back...
I think they are pretty darn cute and will look adorable hanging on a Christmas tree!
 As this was a bit of a last minute project (and they didn't take a whole lot of time to create!) you will find my supplies list for both ornaments below :)
Supplies Used:
The paper pad I used is from a couple of years ago and is called Reflections Christmas by Echo Park Paper Co. I used Tim Holtz Distress Pumice Stone Ink Pad to ink the edges of everything.
Thanks for stopping by, now go make something!!

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Christmas?! It's not even Halloween yet!!!

Those were the words I uttered when asked to do an ornament sample using the 2017 November Kit. I really wanted to squeeze every last bit of Halloween goodness out of October before ever even thinking about Christmas. Alas, it wasn't meant to be, so I started listening to Christmas music and got crafty :)
I made this first ornament using the Ornament Frame Set - Round and Retro Xmas Round Ornaments Collage Sheet from the November Kit. The paper is from the Tim Holtz 8x8 Kraft Paper Stash - Christmas, I really love the Tim Holtz Stash Pads because they are a nice weight and have such wonderful vintage images and patterns. I also used a Clear Plastic Round Dome on this ornament so it could be a "shaker" ornament.
Notice how the Santa image in the photo above is obscured by tiny clear micro beads, inside the plastic dome, when the ornament is moved or shaken. Alpha Stamps had a kit with shaker ornaments last year, too. You can see the many ornaments I made with last years kit (and other available components) on this blog post.
My favorite thing about this ornament is the pleated Cream Ribbon with Velvet Polka Dots I used to add a frill to the edge. It looks like it was complicated to do, but, because this ribbon holds a fold really well all it took was hot glue and folding (in little pleats all the way around the back of the ornament) to accomplish.
 My second ornament uses many of the same supplies as the first ornament but I did use a different ornament shape. It is Ornament Frame Set - Bauble and it is quite nostalgic in shape. So I just had to use this wonderful nostalgic paper from the Tim Holtz Christmas 8x8 Paper Stash!
I think the paper is perfect with this sweet snowman image from the Retro Xmas Round Ornaments Collage Sheet. Using a snowman image made it pretty much mandatory to use lots of snowflakes, such as the Flat Back Clear Iridescent Snowflakes and the Tiny White Snowflake Buttons. Of course I really had to apply lots of snow drifts with my trusty Dimensional Snow Writer.
To top it all off, I used a Christmas Snow Essence label from my Tiny Little Christmas Labels Collage Sheet applied it to a 3cm Tall Bottle with Cork with a few strips of Super Sticky Red Liner Tape - 1/8 Inch and added some snow (Flower Soft in Polar White). I think it looks adorable nestled in among the snowflakes and Maidenhair Fern Pick - Platinum.
I hope you are inspired to start making Christmas ornaments now, even if Halloween is still around the corner. Just think, you will be able to use them on this years Christmas tree!
My complete supplies list is available here.


Saturday, October 14, 2017

Halloween in Wonderland...

Today's project is one of my favorites as it combines two of my favorite things, Alice in Wonderland and Halloween. I started off with a Corner Room Box, from Alpha Stamps, then covered it with some Halloween in Wonderland paper that I had in my stash. A little black paint and some black Dresden to give the outside a polished finish and I was all set to add a scene.
 I chose to do a tea party in my scene because I love miniature tea sets and sweets. There wasn't a lot of room in my box for a tea table, soooo... I used the table parts in the Round Table & Chairs Kit to build half the table. I followed the instruction provided in the box and literally only built half of the table (the supports under the table need to be cut in half but everything else is already in halves).
 I also needed a chair for my tea party, so, I built one of the chairs in the kit and added some spooky extras... a Tiny Resin Skull was glued to the back of the chair and two Resin Boneyard Bones were glued to the sides of the chair instead of the supports from the kit. I sanded down the backs of the bones where they glued onto the chair, with an emery board, so they fit well before I glued them in place with Non-Toxic Cement for Plastic Models.
Before painting my furniture I used Primer to lightly coat the pieces.
As you can see, I primed just about everything I was going to paint with the same primer. Of course I washed everything down with Dawn Dish Washing Liquid and a soft toothbrush first! Be sure to let the primer dry completely before you begin painting over it because it will cause cracks to form in your paint otherwise. 
Above is a good view of the many things I painted, with acrylic paint, to use in this scene. The Polka Dot Resin Teapot looks so much better in black and orange! I love the Metal Alice in Wonderland Figurine and Cast Cheshire Cat Figurine, they were painted with a 10/0 brush and a magnifying glass so I could see them better :) 
The teacups and saucers did not need to be primed before painting. I did wash them with Dawn though and gave them a couple of coats of paint each (letting the paint dry fully between coats).
The frame with the photo of Lewis Carroll is made from an Unfinished Rectangular Frame with a Miniature Flying Bat glued to the top of the frame before painting.
The witch's hat was made of black cardstock. I threaded some Tiny Sheer Ribbon through a 5mm Bronze Buckle then glued it above the brim of the hat.
As you can see from my example, painting (or adding a bat or bone or something else to) a miniature or other item to use in a scene or art piece makes for more choices. Why be limited by a color combination someone else chose when all you have to do is break out the acrylic paints (and primer). 
I'm already thinking about doing Christmas in Wonderland next! What have you always wanted to do but couldn't find the right pieces for? What are you waiting for? Go make something fun!
My supply list is available here.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

a couple of handmade Halloween decorations...

This week I whipped up a couple of cute Halloween decorations to add to my Etsy shop. I've been kind of lazy about keeping my shop stocked lately and I was feeling guilty.

First up is a coffin shaped shrine/shadowbox featuring a little pumpkin headed witch swinging on a broom under a happy moon. The quote reads:
When witches go riding,
and black cats are seen,
the moon laughs and whispers,
'tis near Halloween.
I used moss covered twigs, I found while hiking in the mountains, to make a tree. The moss had turned pale yellow as it dried out so I painted it bright green. The swing is a Miniature Rustic Broom tied to the tree with baker's twine. The sweet little witch is from my Little Demons Collage Sheet with a witch hat from my Halloween Dress Up Half Sheet
My supply list can be seen here.

Next up is an adorable potion bottle shaped wall hanging. I love how this came out and will find it hard to part with!
All of the cute pumpkin headed children I used came from my Halloween Darlings Collage Sheet.
I fell in love with that Wicker Baby Carriage and really couldn't wait to use it in a piece of art :)
 I used two sets of  Chipboard Potion Bottles to create the base. I simply glued the potion bottles side by side onto a piece of 12"x12" cardstock (after papering the fronts of the bottles).
 Twelve inches wasn't quite long enough so I had to add a small piece to the end. I used washi tape to hold it together until the final bottle was glued in place.
 After the glued dried, I cut the excess paper off with a sharp craft knife and sanded the edges smooth with an emery board. Super easy! I added two strips of Half-Round Dresden Borders - Black across the front of the bottles to give it added stability (and make it pretty!).
In order to add the Halloween Fiber Set hanging sash to my bottles I used my Crop-A-Dile to punch holes in the sides of the bottles then strung the fibers through the holes and knotted them.
My supply list for this project can be seen here.

Thanks for dropping by and reading my post. I hope you are inspired to go make something :)

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Only 58 days until Halloween!

We are getting really close to Halloween so it seemed like the perfect time to roll out a Halloween themed monthly kit at Alpha Stamps. I had the honor of designing the collage sheets for the kit and it was so much fun... I made an extra one (not in the kit). It is called Little Demons and has lots of sweet demons to add to your Halloween crafting. (Just imagine making a cute banner or wreath with these cuties!)
I made a couple of ATCs with the kit components and some of the new things hitting the website today...
The card above uses the awesome Bat Border ATC Card that comes in the kit along with collage sheets, paper, ribbon and tiny buttons, oh my!
 I used the new Dragon Arch ATC Card for this one, and I really love how it looks :)
Both ATC cards were designed by Leslie, Alpha Stamps owner extraordinaire!

If you'd like to see a list of all the goodies I used on my ATCs, click here

But, WAIT!!!

There's a rumor going around that Alpha Stamps is having a Halloween SWAP!!!

I'm not sure of the details, myself, but, I bet you could find out by going here.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

wise woman's apothecary cabinet...

The Oxford Dictionary defines "wise woman" as a woman considered to be knowledgeable in matters such as herbal healing, magic charms, or other traditional lore. That is the kind of woman I envision using this apothecary cabinet.
She would keep all of her herbs and other ingredients in well labeled, tightly covered, glass jars so nothing would be misplaced or misused.
 She would have lots of books, scrolls, and papers to fill up those two large drawers, and yes, sometimes, to leave stacked on the worktop. Her mortar and pestle would be well used and perhaps a bit dented.
 Her apothecary cabinet would be kept orderly and well stocked.
I used the brand new and wonderfully versatile Storage Hutch and 4 Inch Wide Chest of Drawers - 2 Drawers as the base for my apothecary cabinet. A bit of Dresden trim, some box feet and four skulls, used for drawer pulls, helped give the cabinet a spooky style.
Using my recently designed Tiny Little Grimoires Collage Sheet I made an open book to display on the cabinet worktop. I took photos while I assembled it so I could do a little tutorial to share :)

Carefully cut out the following pieces from the collage sheet. You will also need to cut out a piece of patterned or colored paper to use as a backing to the book cover.
 Glue the backing paper to the back of the book cover, print or color side out.
Trim off any excess paper.
 Ink the edges of the book pages and the cover.
 Score the pages as shown below.
 Glue the first set of pages as shown below.
 Using a large wooden dowel or a pen, bend your pages as shown, to give them the curve of open book pages.
 If you want a ribbon book mark, glue a thin ribbon to the book as shown.
 Next, glue the curved pages into the middle of your book as shown.
 They should look like this from the side.
 Continue to glue the curved pages on top of each other until you have a stack you like.
 It will look more realistic if some of the pages are slightly offset and a corner or two is bent.
 Next, glue the ribbon in place as shown.
 Then, using sharp fabric scissors, cut the ribbon to size and trim the end into a v shape.
 Glue a couple of papers on top if you want your book to look like it's in use.
 There you have it! Just a few simple steps to making an open book for your miniature scene :)

I hope you enjoyed this post and thanks for taking the time to read it. If you would like to view my supplies list, it can be found here.