Saturday, September 2, 2017

Only 58 days until Halloween!

We are getting really close to Halloween so it seemed like the perfect time to roll out a Halloween themed monthly kit at Alpha Stamps. I had the honor of designing the collage sheets for the kit and it was so much fun... I made an extra one (not in the kit). It is called Little Demons and has lots of sweet demons to add to your Halloween crafting. (Just imagine making a cute banner or wreath with these cuties!)
I made a couple of ATCs with the kit components and some of the new things hitting the website today...
The card above uses the awesome Bat Border ATC Card that comes in the kit along with collage sheets, paper, ribbon and tiny buttons, oh my!
 I used the new Dragon Arch ATC Card for this one, and I really love how it looks :)
Both ATC cards were designed by Leslie, Alpha Stamps owner extraordinaire!

If you'd like to see a list of all the goodies I used on my ATCs, click here

But, WAIT!!!

There's a rumor going around that Alpha Stamps is having a Halloween SWAP!!!

I'm not sure of the details, myself, but, I bet you could find out by going here.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

wise woman's apothecary cabinet...

The Oxford Dictionary defines "wise woman" as a woman considered to be knowledgeable in matters such as herbal healing, magic charms, or other traditional lore. That is the kind of woman I envision using this apothecary cabinet.
She would keep all of her herbs and other ingredients in well labeled, tightly covered, glass jars so nothing would be misplaced or misused.
 She would have lots of books, scrolls, and papers to fill up those two large drawers, and yes, sometimes, to leave stacked on the worktop. Her mortar and pestle would be well used and perhaps a bit dented.
 Her apothecary cabinet would be kept orderly and well stocked.
I used the brand new and wonderfully versatile Storage Hutch and 4 Inch Wide Chest of Drawers - 2 Drawers as the base for my apothecary cabinet. A bit of Dresden trim, some box feet and four skulls, used for drawer pulls, helped give the cabinet a spooky style.
Using my recently designed Tiny Little Grimoires Collage Sheet I made an open book to display on the cabinet worktop. I took photos while I assembled it so I could do a little tutorial to share :)

Carefully cut out the following pieces from the collage sheet. You will also need to cut out a piece of patterned or colored paper to use as a backing to the book cover.
 Glue the backing paper to the back of the book cover, print or color side out.
Trim off any excess paper.
 Ink the edges of the book pages and the cover.
 Score the pages as shown below.
 Glue the first set of pages as shown below.
 Using a large wooden dowel or a pen, bend your pages as shown, to give them the curve of open book pages.
 If you want a ribbon book mark, glue a thin ribbon to the book as shown.
 Next, glue the curved pages into the middle of your book as shown.
 They should look like this from the side.
 Continue to glue the curved pages on top of each other until you have a stack you like.
 It will look more realistic if some of the pages are slightly offset and a corner or two is bent.
 Next, glue the ribbon in place as shown.
 Then, using sharp fabric scissors, cut the ribbon to size and trim the end into a v shape.
 Glue a couple of papers on top if you want your book to look like it's in use.
 There you have it! Just a few simple steps to making an open book for your miniature scene :)

I hope you enjoyed this post and thanks for taking the time to read it. If you would like to view my supplies list, it can be found here.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

pocket grimoire...

Happy July! A new month means a new monthly kit at Alpha Stamps, YAY! The July kit is called Matchbox Cabinet Kit and it comes with an adorable Matchbox Cabinet. Using the kit, as it comes, you can create a cute little kitchen cabinet with all kinds of vintage grocery items. Now I've been in super Halloween creating mode so I didn't really wanna make a kitchen cabinet BUT... the matchbox cabinet, in the kit, has some witchy potential sooo... I made a couple of collage sheets to turn that cutie into a pocket grimoire...
 So small it could fit in a pocket, but open it up and it's BIG on witchy goodness!
 So much witchy goodness, it couldn't be contained and I just had to decorate the top...
and add a cauldron of bloody bones to keep on the side.
If you're wondering how I assembled my cabinet, here's a quick peek:
 I used a piece of design tape to make a little handle on the cabinet door.
 I covered the inside of the cabinet door with paper.
 I used masking tape to attach the cabinet door to the cabinet. I had already assembled the cabinet and painted it with black gesso. After I applied the masking tape I inked the cabinet door edge.
 I applied design tape to the inside of the cabinet door to cover the sticky masking tape and to make it look pretty :)
 Then I cut out one of the cover images from the new "A witch's Grimoire" collage sheet and glued it onto the cabinet door...
 If you look closely at the above photo, you will see that the cover image is slightly larger than the cabinet door. This is so that the cover image covers the cabinet edges when the door is closed.
Once the door was attached I applied paper to the rest of the outside of the cabinet and decorated the side with a strip of design tape and an image from the collage sheet.
All of the papers, scrolls, labels and books were created using just the two new collage sheets: Tiny Little Grimoires and A Witch's Grimoire. (To assemble the books please see this tutorial.)
By the way, I always use Super Sticky Red Liner Tape - 1/8 Inch to attach the tiny labels to the bottles. It's so much easier to use than glue and keeps the labels attached better too :)
Thanks for stopping by and reading to the end! I hope you will consider making you own pocket grimoire. To help you on your way, here's what I used...

Supplies Used

Saturday, June 24, 2017

a dia de los muertos (day of the dead) cat mermaid shrine??

Well, why the heck not? I love cats, day of the dead shrines and mermaids are really apropos right now. Last but not least, Alpha Stamps is doing mermaids this month and I really wanted to participate (not be left out, lol). So, I created a collage sheet with mermaid parts to fit the awesome Articulated Mermaid Paper Doll so you can make this...
Isn't she cute?? I love her, she has so much attitude! Anyway, you could just make a mermaid (or two) with the new collage sheet and be done with the whole thing... or you could make a whole day of the dead shrine to house her in!
 I made a shrine because I really do love day of the dead shrines and never need an excuse to make one.
 The shrine is composed of an Arched Shrine Shadowbox, a Balcony Balustrade - 12 Inch, and a brand new Stairstep Shrine Base. Plus a whole bunch of brightly painted doodads...
I used the Tiny Scalloped Shingles or Scales Stencil - 5x5 Size to add some texture to the top of the shrine base...
Of course I used Nuvo Embellishment Mousse - Aquamarine to push through the stencil because this stuff is the most amazing thing on the planet! Not only is it awesome to paint with and dimensional enough to hold its shape through a stencil, it is iridescent and comes in some luscious colors too!!! It's now available in nine colors at Alpha Stamps. (To see the colors I used click on my supply list for this project.)
 I attached my little mermaid to the interior of the shrine by gluing her to a couple of Small Wooden Spools then gluing the spools to the shrine wall. Makes her look like she's swimming around inside the shrine :)
 Someone has left her a yummy offering of chocolate mice and some lovely marigolds (which are really Tiny Paper Roses - Orange because I have yet to find miniature marigolds). The chocolate mice were made by a lovely miniaturist in England. I purchased them a few years ago on eBay.
Thanks for stopping by and reading all the way to the end. I hope you enjoy making your own day of the dead mermaid kitty and shrine :)

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

spiderweb, a Halloween shadowbox...

 More Halloween art, today, with a small witchy diorama/shadowbox. Super easy to create using the Small Frame Shadowbox, mostly painting, cutting, pasting and a bit of sewing (to make a felt witches hat). The hat, or one like it, will be an upcoming kit at Alpha Stamps in mid July. So stay tuned to this blog or the Alpha Stamps blog for more information on that.
I am going to show you how to keep the glass in your shadowbox while making it open and close on command ;)
I like to have the glass there to keep the dust out and having the frame front removable, makes it reusable as a display box if you don't permanently glue the displayed pieces into the box.
To permanently affix the glass inside the frame, I ran a strip of Super Sticky Red Liner Tape all the way around the inside ledge of the frame (where the glass usually sits). Remove the red backing, clean the glass, then adhere to the red liner tape. Simple and effective!
For a removable frame, I started by lining the frame up so it was where I wanted it to be when finished. Then I flipped it over and marked the corners with a marking pen.
 Making "L" shaped marks around all of the corners (of the shadowbox backing) is important to the placement of the "Velcro" fasteners we will use to make it removable.
 You can use any brand or color of fasteners you have on hand. I used the one below and I got it at Target.
Cut a piece of each "side" of the fasteners about 1.5" long.
 Then cut those pieces into four equal pieces as shown below.
 Apply the four "fuzzy" pieces of fastener to the four corners of the shadowbox. Then apply the four pieces of the "pointy" fastener to the "L" shaped marks we made on the back of the frame.
 Line up the fasteners facing each other and press.
The shadowbox and frame should now be firmly affixed together but with the fasteners it can be gently removed and replaced again and again :)
I hope you enjoyed this quick post and it inspires you to make your own little Halloween shadowbox. If you would like to use any of the items I used, in my shadowbox, you can find my supply list here.