Saturday, August 20, 2016

packing for a trip to Transylvania...

I've been really intrigued by miniature luggage lately, as Alpha Stamps has several new laser cut luggage options. After making up several of the pieces (okay... one of each), I realized I had a lovely matching set of luggage and had to make a room box to showcase it...
I'm a Goth at heart so my luggage and room box is certainly creepy enough to house a miniature girly vampire packing up her gear for a trip to Transylvania (hence, the title of this post). Boy do I love black, white and red together! It's so striking and works well with skulls and taxidermy too.
I had to paint all of my hardware black to match the paper I used but it was well worth the effort. Speaking of painting... I painted all of my furniture, too, and it was really easy to do.
 First I carefully stripped off all of the upholstery so I could reuse it.
Next I removed the glue residue with Goof Off.
Then I used the same technique I used on the furniture in Rose Ella's reading room to complete the task. I love how it turned out and I wish I had time to make over some of my life size furniture, lol.
 The base of my room box is two Corner Room Boxes that I glued together...
 I filled the gap in with a bit of Apoxie Sculpt Clay.
Once you cover the whole thing with paper, you can't even tell it's been cobbled together. Note: The paper I used is several years old and no longer available :(
 When I build a miniature scene in a room box, I like to add the pieces I plan to use slowly and move them around until I find just the right balance...
 I usually glue everything down, but, this time I decided to use Museum Wax to fix the pieces in place so I could redecorate later if I want to :)
 The Steamer Trunk looked really naked on top so I added a playful kitty...
 and some books and letters...
 Pretty soon the whole thing was nicely full and cozy.
By the way, I created a collage sheet with drawers for the new Steamer Trunk but I ended up using them inside out because they clashed with my black and white damask exterior paper, lol.
I hope you enjoyed my post today and are inspired to make your own room box or a set of little luggage or both! Here's a link to my supply list. Now go create something awesome!

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Rose Ella's reading room or a Witch's Grimoire...

Rose Ella is a witch with an addiction to reading. She likes nothing better than to curl up in her favorite chair with a good book and a cup of pumpkin spice latte (a girl after my own heart)...
I created Rose Ella's reading room inside a new Large Faux Book Box. The cover is meant to look like a grimoire (witch's spell book)...
Then you open it up and the fun begins!
 I used a miniature book I made (using the Spell Book Box Covers Collage Sheet) to prop up the front right corner of the book box because the chair I used is resin (and kinda heavy). This way it can be displayed open on a shelf without tipping forward.

My favorite part of this whole scene is the book case. I love how it looks...
It started out as an unfinished Corner Bookcase with 3 Shelves. I added Dresden trim to the book case like this...
It doesn't matter what color of Dresden you use as you are going to paint over it with Gesso once it dries. Then I attached some Tiny Resin Skulls like so...
You can see the frame I used (and a shelf for an up coming project in the pic too). Once the skulls dried I added a second coat of Gesso to everything then painted it all with black acrylic paint. A dry brushing with transparent white acrylic paint gave it an aged appearance.
Speaking of aged... isn't that little stone gargoyle adorable!? I loved him so much I bought extra to share with you, now available in my etsy shop.
I hope you have enjoyed this look inside Rose Ella's reading room... If you'd like to make your own witchy reading room, or other fun miniature scene, you can find my supply list here.
Stay tuned for more spooky and witchy projects as I gear up for Halloween :D

Saturday, June 18, 2016

a brocante summer cottage...

Brocante is the French version of a flea market and an awesome place to find loads of sweet and unique items to furnish a summer cottage. Like most people, I don't own a summer cottage but I really wanted to decorate one with finds from the brocante, soooo... I created a 1:24 scale cottage using the new Half Scale Room Box with Slanted Roof, a Half Scale Bay Window and a Cottage Base - 9x9x1.
I really enjoyed building and furnishing this tiny cottage and I think it turned out pretty cute...
I used Sheet Moss to cover the roof (to give it a fairy garden feel) and covered it in a distressed stucco paper I found in the Provincial 6x6 Paper Pad. The flagstone patio is a 12x12" sheet of Provincial Cobblestone Scrapbook Paper. I really love that scrapbook paper companies are offering so many realistic background and architectural papers currently.
My fence was made using Mini Chipboard Gothic Fence that I dry brushed with white chalk paint and hot glued around the base.
I used a Mini String of Fairy Lights to light up my tree, and two of the new Half Scale Tulip Ceiling Lights to light up the interior of my cottage. To conceal the lighting wires I ran them under the paper I used to cover the ceiling like this:
 The area above the ceiling has a small empty space where you can put the 9v Battery Converter for Half-Scale Lights and when the roof is in place you don't see them at all.
I furnished my cottage with (new and awesome!) Half Scale Princess Love Seat, Table & Chairs Set that I painted with pink and white chalk paint then antiqued it a bit with some brown acrylic paint to give it shabby chic style. The adorable Half Scale Metal Tea Set sitting on the coffee table was painted with Vintaj Metal Patinas. I used Marble from the Painted Barn Set and Onyx from the Retro Highway Set. Here's an easy way to paint tiny things without making a mess:
I use long toothpicks, Loctite Mounting Putty (bought in the hardware section of Walmart) and a floral Styrofoam form to hold everything until dry and ready to use in my miniature scene. 
Lastly, there is the (another NEW thing!!) Half Scale Princess Table & Chairs Set. I modified my table by drilling a hole in the top and adding a cocktail umbrella that I painted (with chalk paint... love the stuff!).
The tiny book on the chair was made using an image from my latest collage sheet, Half Scale Books & Things Collage Sheet. The dog, cat, and cheese/wine tray are from a miniature store, but, you can buy the tiny wine bottle here.
Wow, that was a long post... I feel like I've been nattering on for ages! I hope I have inspired you to make your own brocante summer cottage or maybe a witches cottage or a garden shed or how about a fairy house... the possibilities are endless!
Thanks for stopping by and reading my post! It is much appreciated. If you would like to see a supplies list click here.


Saturday, May 28, 2016

pirate's booty...

Alpha Stamps has an awesome kit out this month with lots of pretty undersea inspired goodies in it. It's called Beneath the Sea Kit and can be found here. I was so inspired by the lush teal color in the kit I just had to make something with it!
 I LOVE the Mini Kraft Treasure Chest that comes in the kit!
I was able to make this awesome pirate's chest by covering the box with images from the Treasure Chests Trims Collage Sheet.
 I simply glued the box together, inked any edges that might show and cut the pieces out as shown above. (I did use two copies of the collage sheet to have enough of the black image though.)
Don't you just adore the new Chipboard Mermaids Miniatures?! I used black satin spray paint to give them a quick coat of color.
I hinged the Arch Top Reliquary - Triptych with a set of 1 Inch Fancy Metal Box Hinges so that it would stand on its own.
Then I made a base out of 8x8 Heavy Chipboard and covered it with paper from the kit.
That nifty Under the Sea Chipboard Border was designed by moi :)
I'm pretty happy with how it all went together and I hope I've inspired you to go out and make something undersea inspired with one of our kits or other new goodies. 
Here's a list of all of the supplies I used to help you shop ;)

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

caged Alice...

Today, May 4th, is Alice Liddell's birthday. If you are an Alice in Wonderland fan, then you know who Alice L is... for those of you who don't know, she is the little girl who inspired Lewis Carroll to write Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Alice L would have been 164 today if she had not died in 1934 at the ripe old age of 82. Anyway... in honor of Alice L's birthday I have created a silly version of the Queen's croquet ground... complete with hedgehog balls and flamingo mallets.
I used a wonderful shabby chic birdcage as the base of my croquet ground...
 then added a bit of moss...
some fussy cut collage images...
 some paper flowers and a wonderful resin-faced flower I painted with artist pastels...
then I topped it all off with a cute little hedgehog that's trying to escape the game ;)
If you'd like to create your own version of Caged Alice, you can find my supply list here.
Thanks for dropping in!

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

a miniature fairy garden specimen under glass...

It seems like everybody and their sister has gone nuts over fairy gardens lately. I'm not complaining as I think they are a lovely way to decorate your garden but, how about shrinking it down a bit so you can display it on your desk, shelf or table?
I did just that when I created this tiny little fairy garden specimen...
It may look complicated but it was really very easy to do... although there are a lot of steps to doing it, lol. I wanted to share my process with you so I created a Snapguide to show you how you can make your own miniature fairy garden under glass. Click here to view :)
Most of my supplies came from Alpha Stamps, of course, and you can see my supply list here.
Thanks for stopping by... now go make something!