Saturday, November 26, 2016

Shaker Ornaments!!

Shaker ornaments are all the rage right now, just search Pinterest and you will see tons of examples. But how can you make them yourself? Well it's easy with the awesome new Chipboard Ornament Layers from Alpha Stamps. These babies are fun, easy and are only limited by your imagination!
I whipped these up in a couple of days with most of the time devoted to glue drying time.
Look at that, the backs are as pretty as the fronts!
 Let's take a closer look at each individual ornament, shall we...
 This beautiful snowy scene was created using Deer in Woods Ornament Layers, silver and white paint, recycled sari silk ribbon and lots of glitter and sequins.
 I created this simple distressed ornament using Tim Holtz Christmas Tidings 8x8 Paper Stash, Stairs Christmas Morning Ornament Layers, and Hanging Stockings Ornament Layers. I made it double sided by gluing the two die-cut inserts back to back with a sheet of cardstock in between.
 I did the same double sided trick with this ornament using Christmas Delivery 6x6 Paper Pad, Ice Skaters Ornament Layers, and Flying Sleigh Ornament Layers.
Since I created two double sided ornaments I had leftover outer rings and clear plastic domes. Not wanting to waste those parts I decided to use a couple of collage sheet images from the new Gnome & Mushroom Ornaments Collage Sheet to make up an additional ornament...
 Isn't it adorable! I love gnomes and mushrooms! And snow, and moss, and buttons...
 In order for the images to be glued to the outer ring when creating this ornament sandwich, I had to leave a bit of white paper around the edges. Don't worry about seeing it when finished, though, as it is covered up once you glue it to the outer ring.
 Since it is necessary to keep the parts flat once you put the glitter in the dome, I traced a line around my roughly cut collage image so I would know exactly where to place the image once the glue was applied and I was ready to attach it :)
I truly enjoyed making these ornaments! It was fun finding stuff to put in them to shake around. My main ingredients for all of the shakers were Flower Soft - Polar White, a fine white iridescent glass glitter from my stash and 1mm Micro Beads - Clear AB. In addition I added sequins, tiny buttons and polymer clay cane slices depending on the theme of the ornament. You can see my complete supply list here.
Thanks for stopping by, I hope I inspired you to go make some shaker ornaments for yourself :)

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Little Christmas Cabin in the Woods...

This whole room box started because I begged Leslie (of to order this awesome Kraft Christmas Deer Scrapbook Paper. She wasn't crazy about it and didn't think it would sell so I said I'd make something cute with it so that people would see how very awesome it is :) I thought it would be the perfect wallpaper for a miniature cabin, especially if you had a Mini Deer Head Trophy hanging on the wall that the wallpaper was covering...
I really prefer a deer head trophy, miniature or not, with a festive wreath around it so I decided to go all out and make my cabin a Christmas cabin. Of course this necessitated the creation of a Miniature Advent Calendar, a Chipboard Sleigh - 1:12 Scale and multiple collage sheets. All the extra work paid off (at least the extra work I did... not sure how Leslie feels about the extra wok she did, lol) and I really adore how it all came together.
Look at that tiny little sleigh! It's so easy to put together with only seven little pieces. I used a metallic gold paint pen I purchased at Michael's to color all the pieces before I glued it together. Then I used a fine red glass glitter to add color to the sides. A few pieces of Mini Pine Fern and three cards from Christmas Wrap & Cards Collage Sheet and it's all done and looking super festive :)
The lovely advent calendar has a lot more than seven pieces but it is still pretty easy to put together. Just make sure to give it a dry run before gluing it together as the side cubby divider pieces are nearly but not exactly the same size as the top and bottom cubby pieces and are NOT interchangeable. If you get them mixed up you won't be able to put the outside edges on correctly. The Tiny Advent Calendar Collage Sheet makes finishing this miniature calendar a breeze!
The sweet wrapped gifts under my tree are really just tiny blocks of wood wrapped up with the paper from my new Christmas Wrap & Cards Collage Sheet. I added a bit of Tim Holtz Pine Twine Garland around the neck of the smallest deer from a set of Tim Holtz White Resin Deer and added a slice from a Polymer Clay Red Swirl Peppermint Cane at the front. The wreath around my deer head trophy is made from pine twine and peppermint cane too.
My flooring is from the Tim Holtz Christmas Tidings 8x8 Paper Stash which has some lovely prints in it. That very realistic braided rug is from my new Rustic Dollhouse Rugs Collage Sheet that I printed out on White Suede Paper* to give it some texture. If you were wondering why I added a baseboard to my room, it's not just for decoration, I accidentally tore some of the paper in that area and the baseboard covered my booboo right up!
I popped the mirror (not made of glass, but unbreakable mirror material) out of a Wooden Medicine Cabinet and turned it into a little table top curio cabinet. It sits on top of a dollhouse side table I had in my stash. The curios inside on the shelves are O Scale model train minis or quarter scale minis. I also used a tiny sea shell on one of the shelves.
 The back of my room box is covered by Kraft Christmas Postmarks Scrapbook Paper which matches the Kraft Christmas Deer Scrapbook Paper perfectly :)
For a complete listing of all the products I used that are available at go here
Thanks so much for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed reading about my room box project and are ready to go make one of your own :D

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

the Naturalist's Curiosity Cabinet...

I created my curiosity cabinet in the new and adorable Millinery Cabinet 1:12 Scale because I really loved the cabinet, but I'm not really into making hats ;)
I think it worked out nicely using the Cabinet of Curiosities collage sheet I designed just for this project...
 The collage sheet has Riker Mount drawers to put together so that you can fill in the cubbies with drawers if you want (although you will need two collage sheets to make enough drawers to fill all 16 of the cubbies). I used Small Antique Brass Suitcase Handles on the drawers, for handles, and it was pretty easy to do. I took photos as I added the handles so I could show you just how I did it...
 I cut out and scored my drawers, but didn't fold or glue them. I then cut a long thin strip of cardstock to reinforce the area where the handle would be mounted.
 I glued a small piece of the strip to the back of each drawer.
 It took 8 sets of the Small Antique Brass Suitcase Handles to cover all 16 drawers. I used a pair of flat nose jewelry pliers to carefully bend the loop part, on the ends of the handles, so they were less curved. They should look like the bottom handle in the above photo.
 Then I measured a drawer to find the center...
laid a handle in position...
then poked holes with a pointy tool.
 Next I laid a handle over the holes and inserted a headpin through each hole. The headpins I used were just some cheep bronze ones I had in my stash with large enough heads.
 Using my pliers I bent the wires on the back of the drawer as close as I could to the drawer without creasing the paper.
 I twisted the two wires together to keep them in place. You could glue or tape them down, with masking tape, if you didn't want to twist them together.
 Here's what the handle should look like when you finish.
After you fold and glue your drawer together, you may need to use a marker to cover the score marks on the edges of your drawers. The Distress Marker - Hickory Smoke is a perfect match.
Here's a bird's eye view of my cabinet so you can see some of the curiosities I used. The bones in the Mini Red Shadowbox are from a real mouse skeleton! I love the tiny mushrooms growing in a mossy pot under a glass dome.You could make your own curiosity cabinet as creepy or as scientific as you'd like, as it's all just a matter of what you like to collect.
Here's a view with my hand to show scale... 
Yes, that is a giraffe skull on the bottom left side. It's from an educational toy set made by Safari Ltd, I aged it with a bit of acrylic paint. I've also used tiny seashells, a miniature handmade bird nest and that wonderful owl statue made by Reutter Porzellan. If you'd like to know more about the other things I've used to create my cabinet you can view my supply list here.
Thanks for stopping by and I hope I have inspired you to go make you own miniature curiosity cabinet!

Saturday, September 10, 2016

retro Christmas and bitchy women...

What do retro Christmas and bitchy woman have in common, you ask, why Authentique Paper of course! Two of my favoritest paper lines at the moment are Retro Christmas and Fabulous and they are brand spankin' new at Alpha Stamps! I couldn't resist making sample art with both pads as they are heavy on mid century kitsch and feature lively vintage color pallets.

First up is a Sweet Retro Christmas Cabinet to make you wish Christmas would get here quicker! Yikes! Forget I said that... we haven't even celebrated Halloween yet! Anyway, here's a look at the cabinet...
 A festive wreath and gingerbread boy and girl decorate the front of the cabinet.
 Opening the right hand door reveals a red tree festooned with snow and snowmen!
I used a pair of craft scissors to cut the "branches" on back of the tree off so it would fit better in the cabinet.
 The left hand door opens to show off a pretty candy jar decoration...
 and a teddy bear opening up a gift.
I really love the plaid paper from the Retro Christmas pad... it adds a touch of coziness to the mix.
I'm still pondering adding an image to the back of the cabinet as it looks so bare, but, will anyone see the back of the cabinet when it's being displayed? What would you suggest?

Moving on to bitchy women, lol... Using the kitschy Fabulous paper pad I made a Bitch Book Box filled with ATCs. 
 This project came together super fast using the easily glued together ATC Sized Faux Book Box. I used some book page images from a copy of Looking Glass Book Box Collage Sheet Part 1 that didn't get used on a previous project so it looks like a real little book. The red glasses the blonde is wearing are cut out of the glasses paper in the Fabulous 12x12 Paper Pad. They fit her perfectly!
 The title down the spine (and the bitchy quote on the front!) lets you know right away what this book is all about!
Inside I used three different prints from the Fabulous paper pad and a quote from Bitchy Words Collage Sheet that says "Let's get drunk and judge people" I'm still looking for the perfect image to add to that open space above the quote...
I hope you enjoyed my ramblings today and are inspired to go make something fun! If you're interested in the products I used you can find my supply lists by clicking on these links Sweet Retro Christmas or Bitch Book Box.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

packing for a trip to Transylvania...

I've been really intrigued by miniature luggage lately, as Alpha Stamps has several new laser cut luggage options. After making up several of the pieces (okay... one of each), I realized I had a lovely matching set of luggage and had to make a room box to showcase it...
I'm a Goth at heart so my luggage and room box is certainly creepy enough to house a miniature girly vampire packing up her gear for a trip to Transylvania (hence, the title of this post). Boy do I love black, white and red together! It's so striking and works well with skulls and taxidermy too.
I had to paint all of my hardware black to match the paper I used but it was well worth the effort. Speaking of painting... I painted all of my furniture, too, and it was really easy to do.
 First I carefully stripped off all of the upholstery so I could reuse it.
Next I removed the glue residue with Goof Off.
Then I used the same technique I used on the furniture in Rose Ella's reading room to complete the task. I love how it turned out and I wish I had time to make over some of my life size furniture, lol.
 The base of my room box is two Corner Room Boxes that I glued together...
 I filled the gap in with a bit of Apoxie Sculpt Clay.
Once you cover the whole thing with paper, you can't even tell it's been cobbled together. Note: The paper I used is several years old and no longer available :(
 When I build a miniature scene in a room box, I like to add the pieces I plan to use slowly and move them around until I find just the right balance...
 I usually glue everything down, but, this time I decided to use Museum Wax to fix the pieces in place so I could redecorate later if I want to :)
 The Steamer Trunk looked really naked on top so I added a playful kitty...
 and some books and letters...
 Pretty soon the whole thing was nicely full and cozy.
By the way, I created a collage sheet with drawers for the new Steamer Trunk but I ended up using them inside out because they clashed with my black and white damask exterior paper, lol.
I hope you enjoyed my post today and are inspired to make your own room box or a set of little luggage or both! Here's a link to my supply list. Now go create something awesome!