Thursday, November 26, 2015

happy Thanksgiving and a sale...

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my US blog readers and happy Thursday everyone else! I am thankful for all of you who stop by my blog and read it. I know my posting is a bit sporadic but I am working on posting a little more frequently.
Now on to the shopping! I am running a sale from today through midnight on Cyber Monday. Everything in my shop is 10% off with FREE shipping to the US. I will be adding items to my shop though out the sale period so stop on by and see what's available.

For all of you who are reading this post, I have a coupon code: BLACKFRIDAY10
It will get you another 10% off on any order over $15! Just my way of saying thanks :)

Saturday, November 21, 2015

a miniature rustic Christmas...

I'm really into crafting for Christmas this year. This is unusual for me as I prefer Halloween over Christmas and I tend to want to keep on creating Halloween crafts even after Halloween has come and gone. But this year, I have embraced the Christmas crafting sooo much, I created a Christmas crafting kit for Alpha Stamps.

The kit is called Rustic Christmas Tree Kit and it includes almost everything you need to create this lovely little rustic Christmas tree under glass...
I even provide complete instructions on how to put it together. You will need to provide your own glue, paint and tools (such as scissors). The whole thing from base to dome top is only about 6.5 inches tall so it's perfect to gift to someone special or to keep on your desk at work. You could even display it on a shelf or in a curio cabinet after Christmas is over :)
Speaking of curio cabinets... I used the fabulous Curio Cabinet Shrine Kit to create a miniature Christmas scene complete with fireplace and Christmas gifts...
I love the sleeping kitty and that chair!
 Of course there's a mouse stealing a Christmas cookie...
 and a mounted deer head above the mantle.

The outside is totally festooned with flowers and holly so it's pretty from every angle...
Wow, this has turned into a rather looong post, thanks for reading all the way to the end!

Before I go, here's a link to my supply list... cause I just know you're going to wanna make your own Christmas curio cabinet scene :) If you'd prefer to purchase the curio cabinet I created, it is available here. I've also started to load my Etsy shop with Christmas goodies and mixed media art for gift giving. Shipping is always free to the USA too!

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Little Deer's Christmas Countdown...

Feels a bit strange writing this post on Halloween as it is about counting off the days before Christmas, lol. Anyway, I have created a cute snowy Advent Calendar using the new Advent Calendar Shadowbox from, bet you can guess, Alpha Stamps.
I love this advent calendar shadowbox because once you put it together is feels like you have an item of heirloom quality that can be passed down for generations. It is laser cut from a nice heavy Masonite and it glues together like a dream. But, if you're a bit sketchy on how it pieces together, you can always pop on over to Glitter Tart's (Caroline Ouzts-Hay) blog where she has a video tutorial waiting just for you!
How sweet are the drawers I made using the provided template from the advent calendar shadowbox and the gorgeous new A Victorian Christmas Scrapbook Paper Set from Prima Marketing. This paper is rich with deep reddish burgundy and beautiful golden cream and really lends a warm homey touch to your Christmas project.
I used Hitch Fasteners for the drawer pulls and a set of Faux Metal Number Plates 1 to 25 to finish off my drawers.
 If you're wondering where I got that dear deer, I'm sorry to say it's been in my stash for a while and I'm not sure... But, Leslie, has provided an adorable alternative that's just about the same size :) And... since you can have a deer in your shadowbox, why not a tree and some snow covered hills. Here's how I made mine...
 After gluing the "floating" 25th cubby where I wanted it, I hot glued a couple of Icy Branches on top of it in the manner of a tree. I then cut a couple of pieces out of a round piece of floral (green) Styrofoam and hot glued them in place to form the base of the hills.
 To further smooth and shape, the hills, I used Apoxie Sculpt Epoxy Clay - White right over the Styrofoam.
 Once the Apoxie Sculpt cured, overnight, I hot glued sections of a White Picket Fence in place on the hills.
The fun part was adding lots of Dimensional Snow - 2 Ounce Jar to my scene. I used a medium stiff bristle paint brush to apply and arrange the "snow" just where I wanted it.
I let the "snow" dry overnight and then hot glued the deer and other goodies in place. 
If you'd like to buy your own goodies, you can find my full supply list here.
This was really a fun project to work on and it has made me want to make lots more projects for Christmas! I hope you will stop by again soon to see what I've been creating :)

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

a miniature Christmas magic shadowbox...

I know, I know, Halloween isn't even here yet and I'm posting about Christmas!
 I can't help it, we got the cutest Christmas paper pad in from Carta Bella and I just had to make something with it. The pad is called Christmas Wonderland and it's got the cutest tiny Christmas prints and sweet little deer on it. Along with the adorable pad, I used one of our brand spanking new Mini Wood Printers Type Tray Shadowboxes to make a sweet little display of some of my favorite holiday things.
The shadowbox is pretty small, about the size of a photograph (4"x6"), and didn't have any feet to stand on or a hook to hang it with so I decided to use one of the small easels that Prima Marketing has started selling. It's a perfect fit for the shadowbox...
I love the way it makes the whole thing look pulled together and complete.
If you come in a bit closer...
you can see some of the fun miniature things I used in the cubbies. There are wrapped gifts, old books, magic potions and yummy things to snack on. I dug up an old deer and some Scrabble tiles from my stash to add some nostalgia and topped the whole thing off with a lovely embellished "pine" swag.
Not gonna lie... I had so much fun working on this it inspired a second project, using the same shadowbox, that will be featured in Sunday's newsletter ;)
Now, if you just can't wait for Sunday to do some shopping... here's a link to my supply list to get you started.
Thanks for stopping in and celebrating the upcoming Christmas season with me!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

they're creepy...

they're kooky...
they're mysteriously spooky...
they're creepy little row houses!
Made with the new Mini Haunted House Chipboard Set and some awesome collage sheets sized just for them. All designed by Laura Carson, for Alpha Stamps. You may know Laura from around the interweb, as she is utterly famous for her yearly Halloween tutorial extravaganzas. This year she did a complete creeptastic village and when it was done she shrunk down some of the parts to create this awesome tiny set. Needless to say, I love it!
I also used the Regions Beyond paper stash by Tim Holtz as it is so perfectly creepy and the color pallet is wonderfully warm and muted.
I'm really proud of my embossed spiderweb as I am usually a complete failure at using rubber stamps. I was super careful this time and the result was just right :)
The rubber stamp is an old one from Inkadinkado. It's been in my stash for a few years now and this is the first occasion I've had to use it. That totally validates my hoarding, errr, um, collecting mentality and makes me happy :D
Thanks for stopping by and reading my ramblings. I hope I see you again and if you'd like to see a list of all the supplies I used on this creepy little project, click here.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Marie Antoinette was a witch...

Every year, around this time, I design a collage sheet for Alpha Stamps with vintage portraits, photographs or paintings, altered into witches. This year I've designed two, one of which features a couple of images of my girl Marie A in witchy apparel.
And this one with an assortment of saucy wenches, err... um, witches.
 As soon as the first copies were hot off the laser printer... I started working on an arty little piece to show them off ;)
I bet you didn't know Marie Antoinette was a witch that floated around in an enchanted flying shoe flapping her little glitter encrusted bat wings for all she was worth.
Marie seemed a bit naked by herself, and I wanted to play with an image from my other collage sheet, so I threw together this triptych as a back ground for her.
The whole thing went together in a few hours and was super fun to work on. I really like the eyeball embellishment on the front of Marie's enchanted shoe...
and this saucy lass with her cauldron and owl...
If you'd like to peruse my supply list, click here.
Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog. I hope you've been creating lots of wonderful Halloween art or enjoying the approach of Autumn in your own favorite way :)


Wednesday, September 2, 2015

"24 Carrot Farms" a miniature farm stand...

A while back, at Alpha Stamps, we got these cool wooden boxes, from Maya Road, in. Leslie put them on the website but they didn't really sell very well. I thought that was kind of a shame because they were really awesome. Leslie told me to take one home and see what I could do with it. After a bit of pondering, and some supply gathering, I turned that box into a sweet little farm stand.
Just look at those tiny apples! Don't they look delicious?
I used paper from two new 6"x6" paper pads to cover the box and table. The adorable carrot print is from Echo Park's Homegrown pad. I love it! And all that beautiful wood grain, on the floor (which was the lid of the box) and on the outside of the stand, comes from Bo Bunny's Heritage pad.
 The box is just over 7" tall so I had to be creative with the use of my 6" paper. I think it adds a nice touch to have some of the wood grain going in a different direction.
 While I was creating my little stand, I decided to design a couple of collage sheets to use on it. One of the collage sheets has all of the signs, bags, and boxes for a farm stand called 24 Carrot Farms. There's even an awning to fold and glue together. Speaking of awnings, did you notice that handsome crow standing right above the awning?
The other collage sheet I designed has tons of produce crate labels as well as can and jar labels. You can see them in use in the photo below on the tops of two crates and on some bottles and cans.
Me being the crazy cat lady I am, I just couldn't help myself and added a couple of cats and a grape stealing rat to my scene. One of the cats is asleep in a stack of towels. The other is lounging next to the peaches :)
The rat is so tiny he's hard to see, but he's making off with a big bunch of grapes over by the pumpkins, lol. He's had to drag his sweet booty (grapes) all through the straw on the floor to make his escape.
Looking back on the beginning of this post, I have to say I'm quite pleased with what I was able to do with the box I took home. I really like the way my little farm stand turned out and I hope you've enjoyed the tour I've given you of it. If you'd like to build your own tiny little farm stand here's a link to my supply list.
Thanks for dropping by and enjoy your day!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

the White Rabbit's hutch...

My favorite Wonderland denizen has always been the White Rabbit. Being perpetually late myself, I truly understand his frustrated cries of "Oh my ears and whiskers, how late it's getting!". I have always assumed he is a bit tardy because he is an avid reader and has a terrible time tearing himself away from a good book. I imagine his little home filled with books. Books in every room because you never know when you might have a few minutes to lose yourself in an interesting story...
I recently had the opportunity to birth my vision of the White Rabbit's home inside a sweet little Miniature China Cabinet from Alpha Stamps. The china cabinet or hutch, as I like to call it, looks quite shabby chic on the outside.
 There are images and pages from an old copy of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland as well as images from Go Ask Alice Collage Sheet and We Are All Mad Here Collage Sheet all over the outside.
 A bit of texture was added with a Tim Holtz Stencil - Dot Fade and some Golden Molding Paste.

 And, of course, I used lots of Wonderland themed charms and doodads! Like the adorable Tiny Cup of Tea with Lemon and the "drink me" bottle.

But... my favorite part is inside...
where I created the White Rabbits home in 1:48 scale!
If you look closely at the desk in his den, you will see a tiny cup of tea and lots of books. The books were made using a collage sheet I created with all kinds of things to use in a 1:48 scale house. The lamp on the corner is a Gold Chess Queen Charm with a lamp shade from the collage sheet added to it :)
There are more books in his bedroom and a Tiny Bronze Cauldron Charm with a plant growing from it. And just look at that bathroom! Did you notice the books on the floor next to the toilet?
In the tiny kitchen there are books on the table and a Tiny Bronze Teapot Charm on the stove.
Now I know not everyone is gonna want to make their own White Rabbit's Hutch but why not make a tiny little house in a hutch devoted to one of your own favorite literary characters? The scale is small but it makes everything so much faster to complete! And the furniture is so very tiny and cute!
A supply list for everything I used from Alpha Stamps is located here.
Thanks for hopping by and reading my blog. It means the world to me that you are interested in what I have to say and the things I create!