Saturday, April 11, 2015

a haunted sunken ship shadowbox in a miniature suitcase...

It looks like a miniature suitcase with buckles and labels and all of the other things you'd expect a suitcase to have... But, when you open it up there the similarities end...
Inside awaits a tiny haunted world from a past era when sailing via ocean liner was all the rage. Unfortunately, for our occupants this ship is resting somewhere on the bottom of the ocean.
There is lots of luggage in this stateroom including a nifty steamer trunk stuffed full of travel things (such as the tiny passports and tags).
The occupant of this stateroom is a bit indisposed at the moment. It doesn't look like he will be finishing his breakfast anytime soon.
I hope you've enjoyed my little sea journey. I created it with stuff I got at Alpha Stamps, including a new collage sheet with the luggage boxes I designed exclusively for Leslie (the Queen of Alpha Stamps). To help you put the boxes together, I created my very first Snapguide Tutorial. It's super easy to follow and I hope you will make some sweet little luggage boxes for your own artsy project.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

happy Easter...

Feel free to use the above vintage Easter image in your artistic endeavors and enjoy your day.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Marie's Boudoir... a shabby chic shadowbox...

If Marie Antoinette were living today, I bet she'd be a shopaholic shabby chic fan...

Using this awesomely shabby chic shadowbox, made by Prima Marketing and available at Alpha Stamps, I created a miniature scene depicting a corner of Marie's boudoir.

I needed lots of bakery, shoe and hat boxes for my scene soooo... I created a new collage sheet full of boxes too. The boxes are super easy to put together and look adorable with a bit of tissue paper or some yummy faux sweets in them.

Here's a list of supplies I used in making my shadowbox. I hope you enjoyed my post and wanna go make your own version of Marie's boudoir or her tea table or her favorite shoe store...

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Vintage Sewing Vignettes...

I work for Alpha Stamps so I'm often asked (or volunteer!) to do a sample that uses new products. This month I was asked to be a Guest Designer, which means I received the same box load of Vintage Sewing/Cat themed goodies the Design Team received.


So here's what I came up with to showcase these inspiring products...

First up is a sweet shadowbox filled with lots of miniature goodies and some adorable kitty images from a vintage sewing advertisement.

Don't you just love that tiny vintage sewing machine!?!

I must confess to designing a collage sheet of Mini Sewing Notions to use along with the other goodies I was given. I just couldn't help myself, lol. All of those button cards, boxes, and the pattern envelope are easily made with the collage sheet and some glue. Of course I added tiny buttons and spools too, but Alpha Stamps has them available for you too!

My next project was a sweet vintage miniature sewing basket, well two sewing baskets as I love them so much I just couldn't stop at one! It's as if you found a miniature copy of your Grandmother's sewing basket :)

This one has an adorable Japanese Cat Button on the front!

I made the tiny pincushion/button keeper from a Tiny Jewelers Tin. It was super easy to make. I simply broke the glass out of the lid of the tin, glued pink paper inside, cut out a 1.5" circle of ultra suede, ran a running stitch around the edge of the ultra suede circle put a small ball of cotton in the middle and gathered the edges together with the running stitch to form a pouch. I then glued the pouch into the lid with the majority sticking out, glued some Dresden Trim around the edge and boom, there it is ;)

Thanks for stopping by and reading my post! If you'd like to check out some of the awesome goodies I used to make these little sewing vignettes go here. Please leave me a comment if you enjoyed my post, all comments are greatly appreciated :)

Friday, December 26, 2014

Valentine Candy Boxes

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and are getting ready to start 2015 off with a bang!

Since I'm always running a bit behind I have vowed to be more timely with my art endeavors in 2015. Sooooo... I've already started making my valentines! Little heart shaped candy boxes with lots of flowers and glitter...

 (My secret for getting the chipboard heart to stand up is an 1/8 inch dowel cut into a two inch piece and glued to the the heart. Then you poke a hole in the lid of your box, push the dowel through and glue into place. Looks kinda icky with all of that glue so I will glue a flower or two over it.)

(You can't even see the dowel on the back because I hid it with flowers!)

If you would like to make some of these sweet candy box valentines, head on over to Alpha Stamps where you can find the supplies I used on sale!

Friday, November 28, 2014

Mr Mouse's Holiday House...

I collect dollhouse miniatures and I adore mice, so this little vingette was a natural. I was inspired by the sweetest little fairy garden chair and table we got in at for the Black Friday/Cyber Monday extravaganza. Leslie had planned on having a miniature day as one of her sale themes so tiny things kept arriving at work and I kept grabbing them up as fast as I could!

After taking home sooo very many little lovelies, I was asked to produce a sample piece of art with them... such a sacrifice, I know. I decided to use the wonderful Prima Birdhouse I had been hoarding in my stash and to make a collage sheet with tiny holiday bags, tags and packages so I could have a tiny tree with all the trimmings.

Now I just need to find a cooperative mouse to hang out in my holiday house ;-)

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Woodland Storage Tower...

or how to convince yourself you're buying a crafty new goodie for a reason other than hoarding it in your stash.

We recently got these nifty Paper Mache Box Mini Towers in at Alpha Stamps and I instantly fell in love with them. Of course, I fall in love with almost everything new that arrives so this was not unusual. What was unusual was, that very morning, I had vowed to stop buying so many crafty goodies because I really have no where to put any more.

After a bit of pondering on my dilemma, I concluded that the tower was a storage vessel and therefore I could bring one home with me. And I had loads of fun decorating it with mushrooms and other woodland flora and fauna.