Friday, December 26, 2014

Valentine Candy Boxes

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and are getting ready to start 2015 off with a bang!

Since I'm always running a bit behind I have vowed to be more timely with my art endeavors in 2015. Sooooo... I've already started making my valentines! Little heart shaped candy boxes with lots of flowers and glitter...

 (My secret for getting the chipboard heart to stand up is an 1/8 inch dowel cut into a two inch piece and glued to the the heart. Then you poke a hole in the lid of your box, push the dowel through and glue into place. Looks kinda icky with all of that glue so I will glue a flower or two over it.)

(You can't even see the dowel on the back because I hid it with flowers!)

If you would like to make some of these sweet candy box valentines, head on over to Alpha Stamps where you can find the supplies I used on sale!

Friday, November 28, 2014

Mr Mouse's Holiday House...

I collect dollhouse miniatures and I adore mice, so this little vingette was a natural. I was inspired by the sweetest little fairy garden chair and table we got in at for the Black Friday/Cyber Monday extravaganza. Leslie had planned on having a miniature day as one of her sale themes so tiny things kept arriving at work and I kept grabbing them up as fast as I could!

After taking home sooo very many little lovelies, I was asked to produce a sample piece of art with them... such a sacrifice, I know. I decided to use the wonderful Prima Birdhouse I had been hoarding in my stash and to make a collage sheet with tiny holiday bags, tags and packages so I could have a tiny tree with all the trimmings.

Now I just need to find a cooperative mouse to hang out in my holiday house ;-)

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Woodland Storage Tower...

or how to convince yourself you're buying a crafty new goodie for a reason other than hoarding it in your stash.

We recently got these nifty Paper Mache Box Mini Towers in at Alpha Stamps and I instantly fell in love with them. Of course, I fall in love with almost everything new that arrives so this was not unusual. What was unusual was, that very morning, I had vowed to stop buying so many crafty goodies because I really have no where to put any more.

After a bit of pondering on my dilemma, I concluded that the tower was a storage vessel and therefore I could bring one home with me. And I had loads of fun decorating it with mushrooms and other woodland flora and fauna.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Goodbye Halloween... Hello Christmas!

Whew! This year has just flown by. I can't believe I was making Halloween goodies just a few weeks ago and now I feel the need to start making things for Christmas.

Last night I whipped up a couple of Christmas Cat House Ornies to start off this years round of Holiday crafting. These ornaments are super fast to make and pretty darn cute (if I do say so myself). Of course you don't have to make Cat Houses... you could make Santa Houses or Reindeer Houses or whatever your heart desires. But, do use the faboo Die-Cut Chipboard Houses with Windows from Alpha Stamps to make it waaay easier on yourself!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

My creepy relatives...

Aren't they just fabulous, these creepy cousins of mine?

There's Phaedra who's a bit of a clothes horse... just look at her hat and fur. She wouldn't be caught dead without them.
Cousin Theo is such a lady killer... even with his gold front tooth.
And who could forget Bubo, the brain of the bunch.
If you are looking to frame a few of your own creepy relatives, head on over to Alpha Stamps to view the complete list of supplies I used to whip these cuties up.


Saturday, September 27, 2014

Edgar Allan Poe and a witchy room scene...

We recently got some spooky new craft supplies in at Alpha Stamps and I volunteered (and by volunteered I mean I threw myself on the box and begged) to create some Halloween sample art with them.

Up first is a gravestone triptych honoring Edgar Allan Poe and his, maybe, mistress Frances Sargent Osgood. I used the new and fabulous Paper Mache Tombstones Set as a base for my triptych and covered it with paper from Carta Bella's Spooky Collection. I love Carta Bella paper, it's just the right weight and their designs are always fresh and colorful.
I added the niche to the middle gravestone using the same basic technique I used to add the shelves to the Step Into My Parlour triptych. The little books are the same ones I show you how to make in my Tiny Little Book Tutorial. Most of the other supplies I used are available at Alpha Stamps and you can find a handy dandy list of them here.
Next up is a "room box" that is not actually in a box at all...
This was super easy to make. I simply covered a Large Wooden Theatre Base and some wooden cube blocks with paper (again using the Carta Bella Spooky Collection). Then I spray painted a new Miniature Garden Bench black. Hand stitched some cushions for the bench. Then glued everything together with hot glue. The skeleton and the "Spirited" bat sign on the front are wonderful dimensional stickers made by Jolee’s Boutique (another of my favorite companies!) I love to incorporate dimensional stickers into my art projects. Sometimes I take them apart to just use the pieces or like I did here (with the skeleton) use them in a way that's a bit "outside the box".
If you'd like to create your own skeleton room box or just really need some of the awesome arty bits I used... you can find the product links right here.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Step into my parlour...

I love Halloween, it's my favorite holiday. I even prefer it over Christmas. So making crafty, arty, fun projects with a Halloween theme are my passion. This project is a witch's parlour triptych featuring a bookcase full of spooky goodness.
I found most of my supplies at Alpha Stamps and Leslie has graciously supplied a list with links to all of her products, I used, here.

To begin I used three Large Paper Theatre Boxes.

I assembled one of them for measurements and to use as the frame of my bookcase. I used the other two to cut apart to make my shelves. Two of the shelves were made by cutting off the long sides of a box with an extra bit of the back of the box attached so it could be glued together to make the "shelf" thicker and more stable.

The tabs on the ends will be used for gluing the shelves in place.

The third shelf needs two pieces cut from the front of one of the boxes as well as a piece cut from the back of a box.

Take the two small pieces and fold them accordion style.

Glue them together to make one longer piece.

Grab the box that is assembled and glue the end flaps onto the back of the box.

You should also glue the little flaps on the inside of the box in place so they don't move. And then glue the accordion piece in the bottom of the box.

Next glue the "shelf" piece without any flaps onto the accordion piece.

Let it all dry, then glue the side of the "shelf" to the front inside of the bookcase.

When that glue is nice and dry, add your other two shelves by gluing their end flaps to the inside ends of the bookcase.

No need to measure, just eyeball it for levelness and placement. You may notice one of my shelves is a bit crooked. It wouldn't effect the end result so I just let it be.

Next take the triptych apart so it is easier to work on.

Then place your bookcase on top of the biggest triptych piece and trace around it with a pencil.

Take a sharp craft knife and a straight edge (metal ruler) and cut out a nice hole for your bookcase to live in.

Remove the cardboard spacers from the inside of the triptych and make sure your bookcase fits in the hole you cut.

If everything fits the way you want it to, remove the bookcase and cover your triptych pieces with the paper of your choice. I used two pieces of An Eerie Tale Enchantment for the inside walls of my triptych. Two pieces of An Eerie Tale Gone Batty for the outside walls and one piece of An Eerie Tale Unsolved Mystery for the edges.

I inked all of my edges with Black Soot ink and made sure to poke the screw holes in the sides of the triptych out so I could find them again later.

Next I painted my bookcase black with a Pitch Black Acrylic Paint Dabber.

After the paint dried I lined the back of the bookcase with some of the Enchanted paper so it would match the walls of the parlour and look like it was a built in book case.

I added black zig zag dresden to the shelf edges.

Then I used the white Enamel Accent to "dot" the outside front of my bookcase. I mostly used white because I wanted it to show up in the photos for this tutorial and I knew I was going to paint over it. You could use the black Enamel Accent or even some Liquid Pearls. Just about anything that stays dimensional would work.

After it finished drying I carefully painted the whole thing with Pitch Black Paint Dabber.

Next I used Krylon Spray Paint in Black Satin to paint my Bordeaux Layered Chipboard Frame and my Chipboard Apothecary Silhouettes.

After the frame dried I cut out some pieces from my left over Eerie Tale papers and layered them with the frame.

Then I glued them to the front pieces of my triptych.

I used a bottle of Diamond Stickles to draw a spider web over the roses on my frame.

Next I cut out all of the elements I wanted to use from my Step Into My Parlour Collage Sheet and inked the edges with Black Soot ink.

I used a combination of white glue and adhesive dimensional foam (available at any craft store) to give the illusion of depth to my scene.

I added some Majestic Purple Liquid Pearls to the cauldron since it was glued directly to the wall with white glue and I could have it over flowing a bit.

Once the liquid pearls dried I flipped my panels over so I could add the banner to the front. I slightly curved the banner pieces with my fingers so they would have some dimension to them. Then I applied some pieces of the adhesive dimensional foam to the parts that I wanted to stand out and I applied white glue to the parts I wanted to lay flat.

 Please excuse my glare! It's so hard to take photos indoors.

Going back to my bookcase, I added spiderweb corners, a Baroque frame (with a picture of a mushroom that I later changed to a photo of two witches because I didn't like the mushroom) and some apothecary bottles with labels from my Witchy Little Labels and Ephemera Collage Sheet. I used Liquid Pearls in Majestic Purple and Gold Pearl to add some color.

Next I mixed some Liquid Pearls in Gold Pearl and White Opal until I got a creamy light yellow color and used a tooth pick to "paint" it over the candles on the top of my book case and the candle on the skull.

I put a dot of Diamond Stickles behind the candle on the skull so it looks like it's glowing.

Lastly, I cut fronds from some Fern Garland and used hot glue to attach them to the top of the bookcase and to the front of my triptych.

At this point you can reassemble the triptych.

To fill the shelves of my bookcase I used books I made with the Tiny Little Books Collage Sheet and the tutorial I posted here. I crumpled ephemera I cut out of Witchy Little Labels and Ephemera Collage Sheet and inked the edges (using Vintage Photo ink) to make the papers and scrolls. The labels on the bottles are from that collage sheet as well.

I made the Amanita Mushrooms, dripping candle and skull out of paper clay. I'm not going to do tutorials for those as there are already tutorials on Pinterest and YouTube for them. I'll let you search for ones that inspire you.

The Ouija Board and planchette are from Witchy Little Labels and Ephemera Collage Sheet too.

The green potion spilling from one of the Tiny Round Bottles is Tulip Slick Dimensional Fabric Paint in Lectric Lime. I bought it at a craft store.

The adorable little mice are from a dollhouse miniatures store and are made by Falcon.

If you have enjoyed this tutorial and want to see more tutorials in the future please leave me a comment. Thanks so much, Teri