Wednesday, September 2, 2015

"24 Carrot Farms" a miniature farm stand...

A while back, at Alpha Stamps, we got these cool wooden boxes, from Maya Road, in. Leslie put them on the website but they didn't really sell very well. I thought that was kind of a shame because they were really awesome. Leslie told me to take one home and see what I could do with it. After a bit of pondering, and some supply gathering, I turned that box into a sweet little farm stand.
Just look at those tiny apples! Don't they look delicious?
I used paper from two new 6"x6" paper pads to cover the box and table. The adorable carrot print is from Echo Park's Homegrown pad. I love it! And all that beautiful wood grain, on the floor (which was the lid of the box) and on the outside of the stand, comes from Bo Bunny's Heritage pad.
 The box is just over 7" tall so I had to be creative with the use of my 6" paper. I think it adds a nice touch to have some of the wood grain going in a different direction.
 While I was creating my little stand, I decided to design a couple of collage sheets to use on it. One of the collage sheets has all of the signs, bags, and boxes for a farm stand called 24 Carrot Farms. There's even an awning to fold and glue together. Speaking of awnings, did you notice that handsome crow standing right above the awning?
The other collage sheet I designed has tons of produce crate labels as well as can and jar labels. You can see them in use in the photo below on the tops of two crates and on some bottles and cans.
Me being the crazy cat lady I am, I just couldn't help myself and added a couple of cats and a grape stealing rat to my scene. One of the cats is asleep in a stack of towels. The other is lounging next to the peaches :)
The rat is so tiny he's hard to see, but he's making off with a big bunch of grapes over by the pumpkins, lol. He's had to drag his sweet booty (grapes) all through the straw on the floor to make his escape.
Looking back on the beginning of this post, I have to say I'm quite pleased with what I was able to do with the box I took home. I really like the way my little farm stand turned out and I hope you've enjoyed the tour I've given you of it. If you'd like to build your own tiny little farm stand here's a link to my supply list.
Thanks for dropping by and enjoy your day!


Kristin said...

This is great! I love all the details. You are so creative!

E said...

Love your attention to detail it turned out so cute! E