Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland...

is one of my all time favorite books! Along with the sequel Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There, you have only to pick up either book, flip to any chapter and be instantly amused by the crazy antics of Alice and friends. That is why I couldn't resist doing a couple of collage sheets for both books sized to use with the Hidden Drawer Book Box.
Of course I also had to jump right in and play with the collage sheets and Book Box too! Here's what I came up with...
 I added the White Rabbit to the cover standing on a stack of books and holding a pocket watch.
 The White Rabbit is also standing on a pile of books on the back cover...
 he is joined by a framed photograph of Lewis Carroll himself.
 Inside you find Alice contemplating a bottle labeled "drink me" as the Mad Hatter peers at her from behind the curtain.
 There's a photograph hanging on the wall behind Alice taken by Charles Lutwidge Dodgson (aka Lewis Carroll) of his maybe inspiration for Alice, Alice Pleasance Liddell.
My favorite feature is the tiny key with a tassel made out of thread. I almost went blind making that tassel :) but it matches the tassel on the book mark I attached to the top of the book so it was well worth the effort!
Would you like to make your very own Alice Hidden Drawer Book Box? Wanna know what I used? Then click here! 
Thanks for stopping by and have a fabulous day and a Happy New Year!


Alice Zinn said...

Be still my heart!I am a huge Alice in Wonderland collector, being an Alice myself! This is sure tempting! I'd love to do a series of the books, each depicting a different illustration from Tenniel.

Miss Merricat said...

Teri Calia I love this!!! I am an Alice lover since I was very young and I so enjoy the Alice related work you do. This is wonderful!