Saturday, September 27, 2014

Edgar Allan Poe and a witchy room scene...

We recently got some spooky new craft supplies in at Alpha Stamps and I volunteered (and by volunteered I mean I threw myself on the box and begged) to create some Halloween sample art with them.

Up first is a gravestone triptych honoring Edgar Allan Poe and his, maybe, mistress Frances Sargent Osgood. I used the new and fabulous Paper Mache Tombstones Set as a base for my triptych and covered it with paper from Carta Bella's Spooky Collection. I love Carta Bella paper, it's just the right weight and their designs are always fresh and colorful.
I added the niche to the middle gravestone using the same basic technique I used to add the shelves to the Step Into My Parlour triptych. The little books are the same ones I show you how to make in my Tiny Little Book Tutorial. Most of the other supplies I used are available at Alpha Stamps and you can find a handy dandy list of them here.
Next up is a "room box" that is not actually in a box at all...
This was super easy to make. I simply covered a Large Wooden Theatre Base and some wooden cube blocks with paper (again using the Carta Bella Spooky Collection). Then I spray painted a new Miniature Garden Bench black. Hand stitched some cushions for the bench. Then glued everything together with hot glue. The skeleton and the "Spirited" bat sign on the front are wonderful dimensional stickers made by Jolee’s Boutique (another of my favorite companies!) I love to incorporate dimensional stickers into my art projects. Sometimes I take them apart to just use the pieces or like I did here (with the skeleton) use them in a way that's a bit "outside the box".
If you'd like to create your own skeleton room box or just really need some of the awesome arty bits I used... you can find the product links right here.


Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

I love both these projects, Teri! I just got some of the little pumpkins in a recent order I placed. I also ordered some of the little books to cover, along with a collage sheet of book covers. I don't think I could ever do anything as neat as yours, but I have several Altoid tins I had painted, so they'd be ready whenever I felt the urge to create, and I really should use them. : )

I've still got other Alpha Stamps papers I ordered last month, too, and other bits and bobs here to put some Halloween themed creations together. Unfortunately, I find their website addicting and your projects make me want to order more!

Chark said...