Monday, April 21, 2008

mom's garden

i spent the past weekend at my parents house. they live about an hour away from me so i don't get to see them as much as i'd like. so sometimes i just have to take a weekend to enjoy their company. 
my mom has a wonderful garden that is in full bloom. i took loads of photos while there and just had to share a couple. the top photo is a view of the small hill in my parents back yard. right now it is just covered in these beautiful little yellow flowers. the other photo is a close-up of a wonderful rusty colored stone angel who watches over a little pond.
i live in an apartment myself so i'm always happy to spend time in a garden. the colors and textures are so inspiring. i feel as if i've had a shot of creativity!


Donna O. said...

Beautiful. Your mum has the green thumb or maybe it's your dad? And how great that they're only an hout away (my mom is close, too).
here's th more visits with your folks and their lovely garden :)

Michelle said...

Love that sign!

Donna O. said...

Just checking in to see if you're setting sail with us- I'll check back and no worries if you can't make it!