Thursday, April 17, 2008

circus atc

these darling artist trading cards are for the alpha stamps yahoo group. as you can see the theme for this swap is circus. we are supposed to use images from any of the alpha stamps circus collage sheets. i added animal heads to my little clowns, cuz i think it makes them cuter. i'm all about the cute, lol.
speaking of circus collage sheets, that was the prize for the alpha stamps yahoo groups march art contest. YAY, me! my spooky little bird man won. so stay tuned for more circus theme fun!


Heather Robinson said...

These are absolutely delightful and very your interpretation of the theme! Thanks for your lovely comments on MY blog.

Joanie Hoffman said...

i may be posting twice since i received some kind of error message.
But...thanks for the kind comment on the quilties I made. And thanks for the cutest kittens on bodies! They are the inspiration that made me sign up for the Twisted Paper Doll Swap. I had no idea like this before.
Happy days,

Pearl Maple said...

Wow your atc's are the cutest. Am following the links from the pirate party and having the greatest fun meeting lots of other creative bloggers.