Wednesday, March 26, 2014

fostering dreams...

When the Dress Form Art Doll Shrine Kits first arrived at Alpha Stamps I literally begged Leslie to let me do a sample with one. It was definitely love at first sight, for me, and my love grew deeper as I worked to make this shrine kit my own.
One of my favorite things are Santos Cage Dolls. My Mother had one and I still try to bribe my Dad in to letting me have the doll all the time. He still says no, but, I know one day he will weaken and she will be mine... ALL MINE!
Anyway, I decided to add a dowel, plaque and large bead to my shrine to turn her into a Santos Cage Doll...
Wrapping her in Cherry Blossom Garland added dimension to her "cage". I added a paper rosette for a halo and her crown is a top hat.
She is a shrine to fostering dreams. In her nest is the word "dream". Hanging within her scarf of cherry blossoms is the phrase "day dream". And "dream of the future" and "tomorrow" are entwined in her cage skirt.
Her back side is mostly plain but lightly decorated so she can be placed on my desk where I can enjoy her.
A list of all the Alpha Stamps supplies I used can be found here. Speaking of supplies, I used a new product around the edge of the base plaque called Vintage Lace Tape - Antique Pink and that stuff is brilliant! Goes on easily and stays stuck without extra adhesive. I really think they need to make this stuff in tons of colors so I can stick it EVERYWHERE!


Holly M said...

oh, i am in love with her. exquisite.

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