Friday, February 29, 2008

empty mailbox contest

ginny of ginny's small studio has been having an "empty mailbox" contest during the month of february. i entered the contest with some of my cat dolls. you can see my entry in the first pic. the contest came to a close today, being judged by an employee at the avon lake ohio post office. although i didn't win (the prize was a $35 gift certificate to small studio productions) i am happy to say i got an honorable mention. the second pic shows the four entries that received honorable mention they were sent in by jeanette hinchey of san jose CA, rachel greig of chittaway bay Australia, and dot of frohna MO. you can see all the beautiful entries here.

1 comment:

ginny said...

I love your entry and I thank you for participating. I just was looking through your photos of your artwork and I really like all of it and enjoyed my browsing.